8th Grade: Biome Project

Power Point Presentation  and Written Report

Due Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Biome Choices:

Tundra            Taiga               Temperate Deciduous Forest Temperate Grassland              Tropical Grassland Desert              Tropical rain forest

Biome Name: _____________

Biome presentation:  Your group will present your biome to the class.

Biome Report:  Write a paper on your biome that includes the following information.

Biome Project requirements:

  1. Map out world wide locations of your biome.

1a) what is the latitude your biome is located in.

1b)  Create a map showing the world wide locations of your biome.

  1. Amount and types of precipitation
  2. Average temperature, extreme temperatures Lows / High
  3. Length of growing season
  4. Characteristic Plants; at least six
  5. Characteristic Animals; at least six

6a)  what are two adaptations that allow each animal chosen to survive in this biome?

  1. Diagram a food web characteristic of your biome
  2. Include at least one graph
  3. Unique characteristics of your biome.
  4. Include a mosaic of pictures that depict your biome.
  5. 15 Slide minimum
  6. Three transitions
  7. Citations- include links to sources used

Use the Power point Rubric to help you plan your presentations


Storyboard Planning


Few slides and no overview of presentation The slides are not in logical order & have incomplete information The slides are in sequential order and are informative The slides are in logical order, with important information, colors, fonts, & graphics indicated.
Subject Knowledge/Content Subject knowledge is not evident. Information is confusing, incorrect, and flawed. Some knowledge is evident, but some information is confusing and/or incorrect. Knowledge is evident in much of the project.  Most information is clear and correct. Subject knowledge is evident throughout the project.  All information is clear and correct.
Introduction/ Conclusion There is no definite introduction or conclusion. There is an introduction but no conclusion or visa versa There is evidence of an introduction and a conclusion. The introduction has a sharp focus, and the conclusion is effective.
Writing Mechanics Many errors in spelling, grammar, sentence structure destroy content & major revision is needed Spelling and grammar errors detract but content is understandable The text is clearly written but a few spelling and/or grammar errors are noticeable The text is clearly written with little or no errors to detract from content.
Layout The layout is unstructured, confusing, and cluttered.  Does not use space correctly.  The text is very difficult to read The layout shows some structure but the space is not used well, appearing cluttered or empty.  Overall readability is difficult. The layout uses most space appropriately.  Most slides are easy to read. The layout is pleasing to the eye, appropriate to the message, and uses space well.  Fonts and point size are well chosen for easy readability.
Presentation Spoken and visual presentation difficult to follow and understand.  Little eye contact.  Reads material from notes. Spoken and visual presentation not well integrated.  Some organization is evident.  Some eye contact but much reading. Integrates spoken and visual presentation.  Organization apparent and appealing.  Maintains balanced eye contact between audience and note cards. Effectively integrates spoken and visual presentation.  A high degree of organization, eye appeal, and effective delivery.  Excellent eye contact and knowledge o subject.  Does not refer to notes very much.

Presentation scoring Rubric:

Topics / Score
Score          10 5
Presentation Organization Well organized and thought out, all components present. Show little or no organization, and / or missing 1-2 components.
Score           30             20               10
Subject Knowledge All group members demonstrate a solid knowledge base of their topic Most group members demonstrate a solid knowledge base of their topic Only 1 member seems to understand the topic.
Score            20              14              10
Visuals Visuals support the topic and point used in pres.  Visuals are of high quality Visuals don’t seem to fit and / or of moderate quality Visuals don’t support topic and / or are low of quality
Score             20               14               10
Presentation Skills All group members showed solid presentation skills. Most group members showed solid presentation skills Group members show poor presentation skills.

Total Score:  _________________/ 80