8th Grade Final Thoughts on Ecology

Due: Tuesday, March 13
*This will count as a test grade!

Answer each of the following in complete sentences. Answers should be at least one page front and back hand written or one page double spaced typed in 12 point font.

1. Suppose you are trying to convince the school board to fund a school garden. Write a speech to persuade them. Be sure to include at three different reasons why the garden would be a good investment and educational opportunity.
2. Design a lesson plan for the primary grades incorporating the school garden. Be sure to include an objective, or goal, for what will be taught in the lesson, as well as materials needed for the lesson and a step by step procedure for how the lesson should go.
3. Reflect back on everything we have learned about ecology this year. You may want to consult your notebook to remember the topics we have covered. How can we be good stewards for our planet? Think of at least two ways at the individual level, two ways at the school or community level, and two ways at the global level.