Earthquake Hazards in Washington State

1) Seattle fault zone

2) Southern Whidbey Island fault zone

3) Tacoma fault

4) Saddle Mountain fault

5) Cle Elum fault

6) Hite fault

Answer the following questions:
1) Which fault did your group study? What type of fault is it? Describe the fault in detail.
2) What type of earthquake is expected at this fault?
3) What other earthquake effects might occur if an earthquake happens here?
4) What would be the impact on communities? How many injuries are predicted? What damage and how much would it cost? What would be the effect on schools and houses?
5) What have people who live near the location of your fault done to prepare for an earthquake? (you will need to look at outside websites to answer this question)
6) Draw a map of Washington State and mark the location of your fault.