Epistles Project

Visual Portion:
1) Make a poster showing on a map where the community that received your letter was located. (5 points)
2) Draw a picture of the person who wrote your letter. List at least five facts about his life. (5 points)
3) Write one of the quotations you chose to explain. Draw a picture of you living by these words. (10 points)

Written Portion:
1) Who wrote the letter? Give a brief biography of this person, tracing their life story. (5 points)
2) To what community was the letter written? What was life like in this community? What problems did they face? (5 points)
3) What advice does the letter give? Why is the letter writer sending this message to this community? (5 points)
4) Choose three quotations from the letter and explain in greater detail what they mean. How can these words guide us in our lives today? (At least five sentences each.) (15 points total)