Electromagnetic Superhero Project

Instead of a test for Unit 2, the sixth grade will have a project. Create two comic book characters, one with the power of electricity and one with the power of magnetism. You can decide whether these characters are friends or foes. You will write two paragraphs about how your characters gained their powers and then create a comic book. In nine frames, show how their powers work and demonstrate your knowledge of these two important concepts.
Due Date: Wednesday December 13
• Important note: If you know that you will be absent Wednesday, BE SURE TO TURN THE PROJECT IN BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR CHRISTMAS BREAK.
• Two paragraphs on the origin of your comic book characters.
-Paragraphs must be at least five sentences.
-These paragraphs must also answer the questions: 1) What is electric charge and electric current? 2) What is magnetism?
• Nine colored illustrations in the provided comic book cells.
• Use at least nine of the vocabulary terms in a way that shows understanding of the concepts.
-Bad example: Electro-Girl had a dog named Voltage. This uses the vocabulary without showing understanding.
-Good example: Electro-Girl had a dog named Voltage who could increase the amount of work done by an electric device. Great! This sentence demonstrates a grasp of what voltage means.
• Here are the vocabulary terms to choose from:
Electric charge Static electricity Electrical conductor Electrical insulator Semiconductor Electric current Voltage Resistance Electrical circuit Series circuit Parallel circuit Magnet Magnetic field Magnetic pole Magnetic force
• Creativity is encouraged, but remember this is a science project. We want to see that you understand the ideas behind electricity and magnetism.