Sound Technology Project

Due: Thursday, May 3
• Who invented your technology? Tell us at least five interesting facts about them! (___/5 points)
• What happens to sound waves in your technology? Be sure to mention amplitude, frequency, and medium! (_______/3 points)
• When was your technology invented? How long did it take to create? (______/2 points)
• Where was your technology invented? (_____/1 point)
• Why was your technology invented? What problem does it solve? How does it make our lives easier? (____/2 points)
• How does your technology work? Be specific! (____/2 points)
• Present this information in an attractive and colorful poster or slide show! (____/5 points)
• Share your presentation with the class! Be enthusiastic and easy to understand! (____/5 points)

25 points total!

___________/25 points