8th Grade Unit 2 Study Guide

1. What is a biome?
2. What is climate? How is climate different than weather?
3. What are the 8 biomes classified in your book?
4. For each biome, describe the climate and name one plant and one animal that lives there. For each organism, list an adaptation that allows that organism to survive in that particular biome.
5. What abiotic factors affect aquatic ecosystems?
6. What are the examples of freshwater ecosystems? What are examples of marine ecosystems? How are estuaries different from both?
7. What are two ways that human beings have an impact on estuaries?
8. Name and describe the 4 zones of the ocean.
9. Describe 2 organisms that are adapted to their aquatic ecosystems.
10. What is energy? What is matter? How are both conserved?
11. Draw an energy pyramid with a sample organism at each level. What happens to the energy as you move up the pyramid?
12. Draw and describe with words the water cycle.
13. Draw and describe with words the nitrogen cycle.
14. Draw and describe with words the carbon cycle.
15. How do humans impact the water, nitrogen, and carbon cycles?
16. What is an example of slow change to an ecosystem? What is an example of sudden change?
17. What is eutrophication?
18. Describe how primary succession works.
19. How is secondary succession different from primary succession?
20. What is a pioneer species? What is a climax species?
21. What are the two signs of a mature ecosystem?
22. How does biodiversity protect ecosystems during environmental changes?