8th grade: Sound Technology Mini Project due Thursday
7th Grade: Ocean Current Mini Project due Thursday
6th grade: p. 92-109 due Friday, you will have time in class!

Sixth Grade Activity

Link 1:
Mitosis Game

Link 2:
Watch this: YouTube video.

Now answer these questions in your notebook:
a. What color shirts were the kids wearing who were part of the cell membrane?

b. What color shirts were the kids wearing who were the chromosomes?

c. What did the kids do during metaphase?

Link 3:
Game 2

Link 4:

1) Go through the flashcards three times, shuffling each time.
2) Do the matching game for 5 minutes. Record your best time in your notebook.
3) Play the gravity game for 5 minutes. How far did you get? Record your score in your notebook.
4) Take the test! Record your score in your notebook.
5) Take the test again! Did you beat your score? If so, write down your new high score!

Link 5:
Do the word search!


8th grade- No homework!
7th grade- No homework! Hope the retreat was fun!
6th grade- Test corrections due Thursday!


8th- p. 49-53

7th- Answer in a paragraph with 10 sentences: Are you for or against the use of seismic blasting or sonar? Why or why not? Cite at least 3 sources.
Religion- Epistles Project due Monday 4/23

6th- Study for the test Thursday! Complete worksheets on photosynthesis and cellular respiration.


8th Grade: Make sure waves are pasted in notebook.
7th Grade: p. 54-58, Religion: Epistles Project due Monday 4/23
6th Grade: Finish Study Guide, Test Thursday!


8th- p. 38-47, Sound Packet due Monday
7th- Pollution of Salmon habitat worksheet
6th- Yeast Lab Report due Monday

Religion- Epistle Project due Monday April 23


8th: 8B find which seeds pair well with your plant
7th: Finish story about the Life Cycle of a Salmon
6th: p. 68-71, finish vocabulary sheet with definition, sketch, examples, and non-examples